New Look!

I decided that the blog needed a facelift, so I hope you like the new look!

The header was created with help from this tutorial, so easy to follow and the program is really, really easy to use! The new layout is “Fresh and Clean”, the only thing I prefer from the other layout is the fact that you don’t have to click on the post headings to see the entire post which you have to do now :/

Anyhow, I like the new, overall look way better and I hope you do too!


5 thoughts on “New Look!

  1. Hi Jess! Thank you so much for linking back. So pleased to see that you’re able to follow through my tutorial. 😀 I was really getting worried that I might end up disappointing others. Your header definitely looks good. And yes, with Fresh & Clean, you have to click for the post to show up. I wish they could give you that option. But I guess the whole purpose is to make your site a little bit tidy and organize. Why not check out Origins, Oxygen or the likes? In fact search for themes with Post Formats and it will give you a long list of themes that you can tweak more and not so much limited as this. 🙂

  2. Looks great!
    The Origin and Oxygen themes which AJ’s Mom mentioned actually do a similar
    excerpt style as Fresh and Clean. You could maybe check Yoko or Coraline (I use Coraline) which are both nice, simple themes that could use your header and show the complete posts.

    • Thanks for pointing that out Leah 🙂 Hope I didn’t confuse Jess 😉 with my suggestion. Been trying to change mine as well but wanted something that as tidy as Fresh & Clean, and thought Origin & Oxygen offers bigger featured post pic thumbnails. 🙂 Will also check out Yoko or Coraline and see if it’s something I would like. Thanks!

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